Products and services

Meals Provided

Marfood Comércio e Serviços de Hotelaria Ltda. Undertakes to provide all raw materials and kitchenware in a varied way for the preparation of a first quality menu, in compliance with the current standards and quality standards established by the National Sanitary Surveillance Agency ( ANVISA).

The menus will be elaborated by experienced Nutritionists in the area who act directly in the coordination of the Nutritional Feeding Units. The support is offered by the Operations Base, through the Technical Responsible Nutritionist and the supervision of the services is carried out periodically by the Supervisory Nutritionist.

The provision of intermediate meals and snacks is done to the customer's liking. Marfood works with national and imported foods, in order to meet the requirements established in each contract, including special dishes containing noble meats such as cod of the first line, filet mignon, picanha, medium shrimp, feijoada, desserts, quality ice cream, weekly barbecues , Fortnightly birthdays, among others;

Hospitality Industry

Marfood performs a full hotel service, aiming the well-being of the guests of the platforms and ships. Included in this work are camera services, laundry, cleaning, supply and change of bed and bath linen, provision of hygiene and cleaning products, sanitation and cleaning of cabins and common areas.

Product Sales

Marfood also offers onboard offshore units a system of sale of standardized goods, such as: personal hygiene products, sweets, among other products, for sale to the public at market price, according to the requirements of each client;

Healthy Eating Program

Marfood has a food re-education program, which is carried out in all its Nutrition Food Units, aiming at the health of consumers.

The Healthy Food Program covers lectures, elaboration of differentiated meals, with menu prepared by experienced nutritionists and light food supply.

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