Vision, Mission and Values


"To be the largest and most respected Offshore Catering company in the country, through conscious and solid growth."


Providing maximum satisfaction to our customers through excellence in service, reflecting transparency and quality, safety and respect for the environment in all its services.


To achieve our purpose and our mission, we affirm our values, which are a statement of our fundamental beliefs and are the hallmarks of a culture that generates achievements.

We identify ten values that personify: who we are; Who we have always been and what we believe:



路 Commitment to the client


路 Total workplace security

路 Committed and fulfilled people

路Team work

路 Quality in everything you do

路 Responsible entrepreneurship

路 Growth and profitability

Av. Prefeito Aristeu Ferreira da Silva, 2200
Granja dos Cavaleiros - Macaé - RJ

+55 22 2020 0220