Our story


Marfood Comércio e Serviços de Hotelaria Ltda was founded in November 1994, and had as its initial objective only the supply of industrial meals on land (Onshore), for companies located in Macaé-RJ.

From March 1997, its market share began to expand, and Marfood began to dedicate itself exclusively to catering and offshore services (Catering Offshore)

Marfood currently concentrates its facilities in Macaé, counting on a modern and organized Distribution Center, where it also maintains its centers of Logistics of Personnel and Materials, Maintenance, Purchasing, Administrative, SMS, Quality, Financial, HR, Planning, Operational Management And Information Technology.

Always striving for total quality, logistics and safety, which guarantee the punctuality and satisfaction of our customers, which makes us, besides being the oldest, one of the most respected and requested offshore catering companies in the Brazilian market.

Marfood serves or has already served clients operating anywhere on the Brazilian coast, such as Campos Basin / RJ, Santos Basin / SP, Vitória Basin / ES, Aracajú / SE, Maceió / AL, among others.

Av. Prefeito Aristeu Ferreira da Silva, 2200
Granja dos Cavaleiros - Macaé - RJ

+55 22 2020 0220